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Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Bags

Dilmah Premium Ceylon Tea Bags

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One of the major players in the tea industry, Dilmah has an experience of over 70 years as tea connoisseurs and continues to offer high quality, authentic Ceylon tea across the globe. This box of tea bags contains Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (B.O.P.F) grade of tea while the tea is a fine balance of flavour, richness, aroma and strength providing you with the perfect cup of Ceylon tea.

Dilmah makes sure that their tea is made in a traditional manner so that the natural goodness is always intact. The more difficult the method is, the better cup of tea is brewed. Well known for its brightness and medium strength and originally from the central highlands of Sri Lanka, you can enjoy a cup of perfectly brewed Ceylon Tea form the comfort of your home while you can have tea at any time of the day too.

Some of the benefits of Premium Ceylon Tea that is rich in antioxidants includes reducing the risk of stroke, promoting heart health, lowering blood sugar levels, improving focus and also reducing the risk of some cancers.

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