Mammal Watching

An exotic island nation surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka boasts of an interesting mammal population which includes the leopard and also the Asian elephant. With a total of over 125 species of land mammals, visiting and enjoying your stay in Sri Lanka will be truly memorable, especially if you love animals. The list of mammals consists of 21 species that are endemic to our island as well.

We at Lakpura offer you a special mammal watching tour, especially if you are a keen observer and interested in searching for these endemic and maybe nocturnal species too. Our team of naturalists and experts are well versed in this area and has come up with an exceptional tour itinerary. A much loved tour searching for these local mammals is looking for nocturnal species which is an adventure of its own. Small cats such as the fishing cat, jungle cat and rusty cat can be spotted and also lorises, civets, bats, flying squirrels and many other rodents.

Mammal watching tours in Sri Lanka organized by Lakpura have been highly successful due to exploring various species and their interesting habitats. From marine mammals to land ones, there is a list of animals that we can cover if you book the tour through us.

The list of mammals include the Indian Hare, Sri Lankan giant squirrel, jungle squirrel, the Indian giant flying squirrel, the Indian gerbil, house rats and mice, Indian crested porcupine, mongoose, sloth bear, otter, jackal, Indian flying fox, bats (woolly horse shoe bat), wild boar, the grey langur, purple faced leaf monkey, sambur, and the domestic water buffalo to name a few.

The leopard and the Asian elephants that also belong to the same species can be further explored. Our wild life parks are ideal to spot these majestic elephants while some of the famous sites include the Minneriya National Park, Kaudulla National Park and the Udawalawe National Park. Leopard spotting is a bit tougher since these four legged beauties are very quick in their movement. The Wilpattu National Park and the Yala National Park are the best places to view and explore the leopards.

Talk to our tour experts today and book your Sri Lankan Mammal watching tour to discover and witness some of the best mammals in our land.

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