Collection: Surfing from Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay is located approximately 320 km East of Colombo along the beautiful East Coast of Sri Lanka while it is world renowned for its surf tourism. Home to International Surfing Competitions, Arugam Bay has been under the spot light for some of its beautiful right-hand point breaks along with a medley of reefs and barrels offering something for every sort of surfer. It can get crowded during the season but you can always enjoy some of the best surfing in the island. Arugam Bay is also known for its nightlife, resorts, cafes, local beaches, lagoons, historic temples and also a few of the National Parks that are located within proximity of the town. Surf Point which is the main surfing point in the area offers fast and slow sections while the Whiskey Point is much more beginner friendly. The Okanda surfing points is less crowded.

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